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"Love is my life and design beliefs as well as inspiration. It is my spiritual impetus. LOVE to me includes the comprehensive love to the world and the relationships between people. Personally, I love my life and my friends and family. But people love and perceive love in different ways, so it is very interesting to see how love happens between people. Sometimes the stories are sweet, sometimes not. Love is sweet, but love kills, too. Conflicts always happen in the closest relationships. I bet even the happiest lovers still have arguments sometimes. We probably just did not see. These conflicts may not be a bad thing either. They allow us to see our weaknesses, stimulate our thinking, and deepen the understanding. I have started to think “Is hurt always a bad thing?” since I was very young. Probably the level of hurt reflects the depth of love. So, the story around love is fertile and sophisticated. I find inspirations from love stories both around myself and from others like from literature and films. Since love is a such a strong and intriguing emotion, a person can hardly prevent from falling in love, I believe everything we see and experience has something to deal with it, more or less. I enjoy translating these thoughts and stories, which can be literal sometimes, into abstract forms in my design."



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