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The stories about love are complicated,

but love itself is simple.

Started with the timeless concept -- LOVE -- I looked into geometric arts to look for inspiration. I went to the gallery in the lower east side of new york city, and found one that was displaying the artworks of Mark Reynolds.

Geometry provides both the artist and mathematician with an elegant and beautiful system that offers solutions to questions of space and time, and a way to order like no other.


——Mark Reynolds

The 1.366 Series: Nocturne 44, 6.9.16, 2016
Mark Reynolds
The 1.111 Series Ode to John Cage, 2.13, 2013
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds

"I am not a fan of mathematics; however, the artworks consist of lines and shapes attracted me deeply. Some are based on historical paintings and architectures. They combined the past and present. On the other hand, geometry has been existing for all these years. This reminds me of my goal of being timeless."

I started design with basic shapes, manipulating them into timeless garments. I am constructing the signature designs which suppose to be prototypes rather than Ready-to-Wear for this season. The shapes are simple and the designs can be worn daily, while the craft is exquisite.

Sketchbook 1
Sketchbook 2
Sketchbook 3
Sketchbook 4
Sketchbook 5
Sketchbook 6
Sketchbook 7
Sketchbook 8

My instructor Bopha Hul asked me,

“How are you modernizing minimalism ?”

But I am not looking for minimalism. Some of my designs are -- they do not have outrageous silhouettes and they are made from one fabric, one color, but they are not simple and are never boring. I style them. Wearing in different ways and styling with accessories, they vary to emphasize certain characteristics, which give the person who wears them the freedom and flexibility. This feature really makes them timeless.

I am not looking for modernity either. When I say timeless, I mean I do not want my design to be constrained by a time frame. I want they to last beyond a certain period.

Black Double-Faced Silk Satin

In this campaign, the only fabric being used is a black silk satin. The texture of silk is like it of skin, it shows a sensory intimacy -- which is a part of love. The smooth surface, the semi-shineness, and the structural nature… All of them attract me deeply.

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